The Unconventional War

Class 4 – The Unconventional War
War to day is not like wars fought in the past. Today, wars are not about territories or borders – they’re about ideologies… value systems and national priorities.
Just as we must be aware of the new methodologies of physical warfare, we too must be aware of the new methodologies of spiritual warfare as well
In order to win the war against your soul you must know the RULES of war is being waged against you

The Power of Story

Class 3 – The Power of Story
Our brains are not wired for facts; but rather, our brains are wired for stories. Why? Because stories change the neurochemistry of our brains. Stories actually change us either for the good or bad.
Our enemy uses the power of story to introduce lies and misinformation that shape our ideas and thoughts.
Never underestimate the power of story!

The Devils Greatest Weapon Against Us – Deception

Class 2 – Understanding The Weapons of War
Any war/battle involves “front line combat”; any war/battle also involves mis-information and deception
In fact, the victories on the frontlines are direct reflections of victories won through mis-information and deception
We have an enemy that really spends more time sowing mis-information and deception than he does waging war through frontal attacks