Moving Forward From Disappointments

You are a “Pastor’s Wife” – absolutely.
You’re also a woman with her own dreams, hopes and beliefs. Life’s devastations and disappointments have hindered and delayed those dreams, they can keep us tethered to yesterday’s pain and can make us  unable to move forward today.

The good news is that being at the intersection of disappointments and moving forward is where we get the opportunity to rewrite our story!

Let's Re-Write the Narratives

I, too, have had a number of disappointments that have tried to keep me stuck in one chapter of my story and to keep me from moving forward. Drawing from God’s word,  I Re-Wrote my story by creating a new narrative around the disappointments of my life.
That’s exactly what we’re going to do in this class – Re-Write Your Story by Create New Narratives and learn how to move forward from the disappointments!

Let's Re-WriteYour Story!

Re-Write Your Past

In this first module we will walk through how to rewrite your past. You'll intentionally create the story about your past that supports your current calling and season of life

Re-Write Your Plans

In this module we will close the gap for you and rewrite the story of life not going as planned in a way that gives you a fresh perspective

Re-Write Your Goodbyes

In this module you will learn how to rewrite your goodbyes so you can emotionally reconcile dashed expectations of the way you thought other people would behave

Re-Write It!

I am ready to move FORWARD from DISAPPOINTMENTS!