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28 Day God First Sugar Fast

No Gimmicks . Just the Bible and the Brain

Few understand the real demands of leadership.

The sole purpose of this 90 day program is to increase your spiritual and physical strength that  your God-given purpose demands. 

This incredible group fast and study will re-invigorate you and help you to operate in the clarity and focus your journey requires 

John 3: 1-2. Beloved I wish above all things that you be in health and prosper even as your soul prospers

Phase 1

The 28 day GOD FIRST SUGAR FAST begins with a 28 days journey of seeking GOD to reveal the times you reach for sugar instead of GOD

This fast will include prayers as well as worksheets to help support your fast

Sugar? What's the big deal?

A study published in the American Journal of Public Health found that drinking a 20-ounce, sugar-sweetened soda daily was associated with the equivalent of 4.6 years of cell aging, the same as smoking cigarettes—and this cell aging has previously been linked with a shorter human lifespan.

Focus - Stamina - Clarity

 The brain comprises only 2% of an adult’s weight, but it uses 20% of the energy produced by the body. Fuel your brain with the proper nutrients, to avoid a variety of symptoms, including memory problems, fatigue and concentration problems.

Phase 2

The 4 basics to living in health

Learn how to create your meal plan based on what you are hearing from GOD

Lose all of your weight for good

It's Your Journey.. Get Started
$97 $47 all access

90 Days of focused Spiritual and Physical Health  with Cledra

Disclaimer - Neither EFDC nor PWDW infer, promise, nor guarantee results in concert with this program. Consultation with a medical professional is advised before making any dietary changes.

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