Healthy Thoughts and Healthy Motives

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Before I got married I used to run at 5 am religiously 3 days a week. After I got married I remember one Friday evening my husband wanted me to watch a movie with him and I said no…

I have to run in the morning. It was a Friday night.

I will never forget the way God convicted me the next morning in my quiet time. I had prayed for a husband. I had prayed for a husband who loved the Lord and God had given me both.

I had made my pursuit of a healthy body more important than time with my husband. I was rigid with my schedule and while the impact of my rigidity helped me release 70 lbs that season had passed.

Matthew 15 speaks to God wanting us to have healthy THOUGHTS AND MOTIVES not just healthy bodies.

It wasn’t unhealthy for me to run at 5 am but it was motivated by a mindset so rigid that it wasn’t the healthiest mindset for my season as a wife. Could I not be flexible ON SOME Friday nights and stay up late to watch a movie or go out ?

Pursuing a healthy body is great but it’s not so great if we’re so rigid we don’t have room for HEALTHY THOUGHTS AND MOTIVES

Are you too rigid in some areas ? Ouch raising my hand 🤚🏾!!