Pathway To Possibilities

In this masterclass you will learn the 4 pathways available to you in the inner circle
The 3 powerful questions to ask yourself for each pathway
An invitation to choose your pathway

Our work together will always be a combination of the Bible and the brain. The brain has pathways and so keep in mind that the pathway you choose to focus on has associated pathways in your brain. Once you learn to harness the power of your knowledge of the word and knowledge of the brain you will experience incredible breakthroughs.

Moving Forward

In this video you will learn how to identify the “old girl” thinking and the impact of the story the “OG” tells you every single day. As you put off the “old girl” and develop the new this video will support you with additional tools to continue to move forward. You will begin the process of what it takes to rewrite your story

Creating Strength

Weight lifting isn’t just physical it’s also internal. In this video you will learn how to do the “reps” for internal strength. You will learn the core 4 , how to identify thoughts you’ve adopted along the way and how to setup environmental cues to direct you the “reps” you need to grow in strength.

The Bible and Your Thoughts

Who are you listening to? Don’t answer too quickly because while we are taking in a consistent diet of the word of GOD there are over 60,000 random thoughts that go through our mind each day. In this video you will learn how to identify thoughts that aren’t aligned with God’s word. There is ALWAYS a way out. We know that because the word of GOD tells us there is never a temptation too great for us.

Get Out of Your Own Way

The path to ending self sabotaging behavior is a life long journey. It’s not about being perfect but it is about making progress as it relates to your perspective about your behavior. In this video you’ll learn the concept of failing in advance and the impact of smokescreen emotions. At the end you’ll have some growth work assignments to help you get to the root cause of your self sabotaging behavior

Do-Able Plans

We will cover do-able plans & double water. Basics 2 & 3 support your mind being in health. As you grow in your ability to plan, follow the plan and assess what needs to change; your path to health will change. You will no longer have regret for what you didn’t do. This video will show you how the mental weight is released. When you no longer end the day with regret you will have capacity for so much more. 

24 Hour Plan to Prosper

In this video you’ll learn how to create a plan in 3-5 minutes
You’ll also have access to a sample 24 hour Plan to Prosper sheet. Make 30 copies of these and commit to your first 30 days of planning. Do not allow the voice of sabotage stop you. This doesn’t have to be perfect!

Yearly Life Review

Everyone needs to make it a habit to review and to assess. Review and assessment is how we identify our wins and to benefit from our setbacks. This workshop, Cledra Gross gives us a new review and assessment method that will help us keep our lives on track.

A Better Life as a Pastor’s Wife

In this class you’ll learn the powerful combination of the word, the brain and your nervous system.
You’ll discover why you react the way you do , the anatomy of a habit and how to build sustainable habits in order to walk out the fullness of your purpose.
This class will be a culmination of many tools to support you in transforming your mind

No one is exempt from challenges In this class you will learn the 2 types of challenges, a step by step process to use your current and past challenges to grow as a disciple and see challenges in a new light. Be open as you take this class to seeing the purpose behind the challenges

Challenges That Change You

No one is exempt from challenges
In this class you will learn the 2 types of challenges, a step by step process to use your current and past challenges to grow as a disciple and see challenges in a new light.
Be open as you take this class to seeing the purpose behind the challenges

Mind Mapping

In this course you will learn how to integrate the tools of doing your thought downloads, abiding, and creating feelings on purpose.

You will walk away with the following objectives:

Learn to proactively anticipate feelings & decide response in advance
Create your personal mind map
Add another tool to your ‘she-shed” to manage life

Optimizing Emotional Capacity

Optimizing Your EmotionalAbiding: Optimizing your emotional capacity
Your nervous system is the way your brain communicates to your body.
Your thoughts are the way you communicate to your brain. In this module we will begin to integrate all we have been studying by combining your knowledge of the Bible with your increased knowledge of the brain and the body. As a result you will have new tools to optimize your emotional capacity for the challenges of life.

Relationships 1.0

Everything in our Christian walk involves relationships. From our relationship with GOD to our relationship with other people to our relationship with ourselves; upgrading WHO you bring to every relationship matters

In this module you will learn 5 concepts to help you uplevel your relationships. You will then be given a step by step plan to use those tools starting with the relationship you have with yourself.

The ultimate goal of this module is to support you in creating a new vision for the way you show up in every relationship you have

28 Days To Greater Productivity

This isn’t your average time management; it’s so much more. By combining our revolutionary approach to combining the Bible and the brain for managing your mind and your time, your dreams become inevitable.

Discover how to…

Gain authority over time by reprogramming common secular beliefs about time
Plan your results (not just your tasks)
Overcome procrastination and overwhelm
Use your calendar to schedule YOU first (free time)
Become more productive in ministry & daily life
And so much more.

Productivity Coaching doesn’t just set the tone for the month; it sets the foundation for success for the year ahead.