Bishop's View

Proverbs 28:18  says “Where there is no vision the people perish”. What is also true is “Where there are no people the vision perishes”

When I really look around, taking time to really look and see; there is much I see that is good and somethings not so good. I feel and truly believe God is call His church to address the things that are not so good. I do not believe, however, God wants ONE church to address every issue. Each and every church has a mandate, which are those things that God has placed in the hearts of His people to be addressed at a particular church.

What I’ve learned after 30 years in ministry,  is if you see something that is not what it should be, or something not being sensitive to the needs within the community; it’s because God wants to use us to be a part of changing those needs.

I hope this gives you a better understanding of how I feel when I see the not-so-good things. The church should be passionate about addressing those not so good things.

Being another “celebrity church”, a trending church or a church just existing is not the aim of EFDC. The goal of EFDC is to effectively address and impact the many needs in the community.

EFDC has been called the address the following:

The church is a reflection of the families that attend. Marriages are in trouble among Christians non-Christians alike. It is my belief the church will be stronger when marriages are stronger. Lady Cledra and I have a passion to see thriving, strong and kingdom reflecting marriages.

Seasoned Saints
The world around is changing at a rapid pace. Sometimes churches tend to favor the young while forgetting to minister to the needs of the seasoned saints. They too need to continue to develop their gifts and abilities; as they have a meaningful place in the church. EFDC is the church that seasoned saints, as well as the younger generations, so all can thrive and fulfill their God given purpose.

Jesus ministered to the WHOLE individual !spiritually. It is NOT enough to just tell people “God loves you”. Their spiritually and physically needs should be addressed. It is the goal of EFDC outreach to demonstrate God’s love for His people. Those dealing with homelessness and life’s transitions.

The “digital divide” is expanding wider and wider. There are “desert digital communities”in which the children can not keep up with the pace of techonlogical advancements. Children can never stretch farther than their exposure. I believe the church can make a huge impact by creating opportunities to expose children to new technologies in order to“wet” their appetites for careers in advanced coding, cloud technologies and technical entrepreneurship. EFDC is a place of innovative thinking as well as laying the foundation for spiritual and educational growth. This will open the door for the children to thrive.

Join Us
This is by no means an exhaustive list. It is just a small part of my points of efficiencies, passion and vision for the church. We welcome you!! Come be a part of bringing lasting change to Knightdale and surrounding communities for the glory of God.
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